Social Support

We provide a daily phone call service called TeleCare and can also arrange for social visits if you just feel like a chat


TelecareTeleCare is a daily phone call to clients to make sure all is well at home. The service is designed to help people maintain their independence without jeopardising their safety at home.

One of TransCare’s friendly volunteers will give the client a call between 8am and 9am each morning. If a client does not answer, then prearranged emergency contacts will be called in order to make sure clients are safe and haven’t had a fall or become ill.

This service is available to people who live on their own and have been assessed by My Aged Care. It is a free service.


Social SupportTransCare understands that social interaction is an important part of everyday life. To keep people socially active TransCare can arrange for a volunteer to visit clients and have a cup of tea and a chat as well as other social activities like:

  • read the paper
  • write a letter
  • sort photos
  • water plants

Transport & Shopping

TransCare can provide transport to local medical appointments and to the shops. We can also arrange for someone to do your shopping for you if you provide a list.